How to optimize patient success with ZTlido

Ensure adequate coverage of the painful area

When you need more than 1 patch to cover the painful area. ZTlido is indicated for up to 3 patches a day
(12 hours on /12 hours off delivers 24 hours of pain control).1,2

Use daily for at least 8 weeks

ZTlido has a dual-effect mechanism of action—peripheral, as a well as central—with continued daily use.11
To get the full therapeutic effect, ZTlido must be used as prescribed every day (not PRN) for at least 8 weeks.

Do not allow substitutions

There’s no generic substitution for ZTlido.

ZTlido is not AB-rated/ interchangeable with other lidocaine patches.11

Provide co-pay card and track progress

Give every patient a ZTlido patient brochure, which includes a co-pay card and a symptom/compliance tracker.

Co-pay Card

Help patients save on each prescription of ZTlido. Download the co-pay card and have your patients present their card to their pharmacist.