Use these resources to get the most pain relief while using ZTlido

Once your doctor prescribes ZTlido, here’s how to apply the patch to your skin for powerful pain relief:
Select your application site. It should be a clean, dry, and intact area of your skin and the most painful area. If the application site is smaller than the unit, you may cut ZTlido with scissors before removing the release liner.
Remove the transparent release liner before applying ZTlido to your skin. Once you have removed the liner, apply ZTlido to your skin as quickly as possible. It’s important that this be done quickly. Be sure to apply the patch sticky side down.
Press the patch down firmly, including the edges, and use your fingers to smooth it out.
Wash your hands right away after applying ZTlido. Be careful not to touch your eyes until after you have washed your hands.

To remove ZTlido, fold it so that the sticky sides stick together. Throw away the whole patch or cut it into pieces. Dispose of it where children and pets cannot get to it. Wash your hands after removing ZTlido.

Remember, ZTlido is not a BAND-AID®; it’s a patch. You should not use it only when you feel pain.

For the best relief, make sure to apply ZTlido
  • Every day
  • For a full 12 hours
  • For at least 8 weeks

If the patch starts to lift off when wet, be sure to pat the patch dry, pressing down on the edges. Do not rub the patch.

For an optimal viewing experience, please ensure the video sound is turned on.

How to apply ZTlido

Learn how to apply ZTlido properly.

For an optimal viewing experience, please ensure the video sound is turned on.

Why adhesion matters

See how the advanced adhesion of ZTlido compared to a generic 5% patch in a clinical study.

Stick it to Pain

Download these 5 easy step-by-step instructions for proper use of ZTlido.

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